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Simple and versatile

At a Glance

Design: high-quality, smart looking
Keypad: large well defined keys
Colour display: high-contrast, easy-to-read display
Cradle and charger: included

The new emporiaRL1

The smart looking new emporiaRL1 is a first: a mobile phone for anyone who wants to talk and text, without unnecessary features and functions.



The first thing you see on emporiaRL1 is a large buttons with clear numbers and cleverly formed shape to make calling and texting easier than ever before, but it is much more than a "big buttoned" phone. 


The screen is large, clear amd bright, making it easy to read. You can adjust the size of the words on screen, to large or even jumbo, to make it easier to read text messages and missed calls. Clear icons let you know if the phone is locked or if the alarm clock is on. 


You don't need a science degree to use emporiaRL1. Menu buttons for the most popular functions (such as locking the keypad) are easily accessible from one touch of the keys on theside of the phone. There is also a bright light embedded in the top of the phone which flashes when someone calls and also doubles as a handy torch.


Accessing functions such as the alarm clock and calculator is through an intuitive menu - just scroll through the options and with one or two clicks is all it takes. 


If you make or recieve a call to a number not in emporiaRL1's phone book, the phone will ask you if you want to save the number, making it simple to store your important numbers. Friends and family can even text their number to your phone to be saved in the phone book with just one click.


The emporiaRL1 also comes boxed with a charging cradle. This means you always have somewhere handy to store and charge your phone so you can be assured the phone is always ready to make and recieve calls. If you get a call when the phone is on the cradle, simply press one button to go hand's free.


emporiaRL1 is simply the easiest phone to use. It's perfect for anybody who wants a mobile phone to be, well, a mobile phone!


To purchase the RL1 please visit a Vodafone store or click here





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