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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question for emporia? You may find the answer in the list of frequently asked questions below.


If you cannot find the answer to your question, please call our technical helpline or click the “Contact” button to get in touch with us.


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Other enquiries:
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Questions about our products

Q:Does emporia also have mobile phones for the visually impaired?

In general, all emporia mobile phones are suitable for visually impaired individuals. The special nib on the “5” key helps blind or visually impaired people locate the keys. The keys also make an audible click when pressed to assist correct usage.

Q:Are accessories available for emporia mobile phones, such as spare batteries, chargers and hands-free headsets?

Yes. Suitable accessories are available for every mobile phone model. To find out more, call our Service number at +44 (0)167 2890 606, or simply view the accessories here on the Website under Products – Accessories/Overview.


Q:Does emporia offer easy-to-use phones without an emergency button?

With the ELEGANCE and TALKpremium models, emporia has developed very simple mobile phones which do not feature an emergency button but are still very reliable and easy to use.

Q:Why do some keys light up in red or green in colour?

The illuminated keys indicate the mobile phone is in the process of charging the battery. When the key lights up with a red colour this means that the mobile phone is being charged currently. The key lighting up green means that charging is complete.

In the case of emporiaCLICK, on the closed device, the illuminated icon is on the exterior.

Q:What does the call icon on the screen mean?

The call icon refers to a missed call. As soon as you confirm the missed call, the icon disappears.

In the case of emporiaCLICK, on the closed device, the illuminated icon is on the exterior.

Q:What does the envelope icon on the screen mean?

The envelope on the screen means that you have received a new text message. As soon as you read the text message, the icon disappears.

In the case of emporiaCLICK, on the closed device, the illuminated icon is on the exterior.

Q:Why do I need the keypad lock?

The keypad lock prevents keys from being pressed inadvertently – for example, when you carry your mobile phone in your trousers or handbag. The keypad lock may be enabled or disabled in all emporia mobile phones with a mechanical switch or a single key on the side of the mobile phone. No key combination is necessary.

In the case of emporiaCLICK, there is no keypad lock – when the cover of the mobile phone is closed, all keys are locked automatically except the torchlight key.

Q:Can you also make a call when the mobile phone is charging?

In case of the emporiaELEGANCEplus and emporiaRL1/RL2 models, the desktop charging unit is also automatically a hands-free unit. If the mobile phone is in the desktop charging unit, calls may be accepted with the help of the loudspeaker key. The call then takes place in hands-free mode with the loudspeaker automatically turned on. If you remove the mobile phone from the base unit, it switches automatically to the handset mode and only you can hear the conversation.

In the emporiaCLICK and emporiaTALKcomfort models, you can make a call when the mobile phone is placed in the base unit, however, only via the loudspeaker of the mobile phone.

Q:The keypad tones are too loud, how can you change them?

You can adjust the volume of keypad tones as desired. To do this, you need to select the SETTINGS item in the menu. The settings for the keypad tones are given here under tones and signals. Select the keypad tone or set the tones to mute.

Q:How can you change the font size?

The font size is preset to "Large" but you can change it at any time and adjust them as desired. To do this, you need to select the SETTINGS item in the menu. The options for alphabet size are given under text size. You can choose here between small, large and jumbo.

Q:How can you change the ring tone melody or volume?

You can change the tone and volume at any time and adjust them as desired. To do this, you need to select the SETTINGS item in the menu. The settings for the call ring tones and SMS tones are given here under tones and signals. Select your preferred melody. When you use the arrow keys to page through the call ring tone melodies item, the mobile phone plays back the melodies. You can also change the volume of the ring tone under tones and signals. Here, too, the mobile phone plays back a preview.

Q:How can you change the headset volume?

You can change the tone and volume at any time and adjust them as desired. To do this, you need to select the SETTINGS item in the menu. The options for loudspeaker are given under headset volume. You may choose the correct volume level of your choice from a five-step scale.

Q:Can you set the number of rings after which the call is diverted to the voicemail?

Each call is automatically diverted after the sixth ring to the voicemail so that the caller may leave a message for you. In emporia mobile phones, you cannot change or set the time interval after which the call is diverted. Should you wish to change the settings, please get in touch with you network operator.

Q:I have entered the wrong PIN code and now the mobile phone is locked. What can I do?

The PIN code is a combination of digits meant to protect your mobile phone. You receive the PIN code from your network operator. The code ensures that no one other than you can switch on the mobile phone and use it to make calls. It is associated with the SIM card and generally does not lock the mobile phone but only the SIM card. To unlock it, you need the PUK code that was also furnished to you along with the SIM card. Should you have misplaced the documentation, please contact your network operator.

Q:Why does a text appear on the screen with some menu items?

Mobile phones from emporia are provided with user help. If you remain in one menu item longer than five seconds, without making a choice, a help text appears. It summarises in brief what you can do with this item in the menu. As soon as you confirm the text, it disappears again and you return to the menu. If you do not need this feature or find it disturbing, you may switch off user help under settings.

Q:Why does the screen switch off automatically?

In order to conserve energy, the screen switches itself off at a preset time. Under the SETTINGS menu item you can specify the time period after which this happens - either after two, five, 10, 20 or 30 seconds. Select the time period based on your speed of operating the keys. If the screen is in the energy saving mode and dark, you can switch it on again at any time by pressing any key.

Q:What are the features of a synthetic voice output?

The emporiaELEGANCEplus and emporiaRL1/RL2 models have a synthetic voice output feature. This means that various features and functions are announced by the mobile phone. This includes the time at each completed hour, keypad lock and the alarm as well as the digits when the key is pressed. You can set what should be announced separately – whether only the digits, only the time or only the keypad lock / alarm. Text messages and address book entries cannot be read out.

Q:What does the Bluetooth icon on the display mean? What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a technology for the transmission of data between two electronic devices such as mobile phones. In the case of emporia mobile phones, Bluetooth serves to establish a connection between the mobile phone and the hands-free equipment in the car or on headsets. The Bluetooth function may be switched on using a key on the side or via the Bluetooth menu item. The icon on the phone display indicates that the Bluetooth functionality is operating.

Q:Does all contact information stored get lost when changing the mobile phone?

Telephone numbers and names may either be saved to the memory of the mobile phone or on the SIM card. If the contacts are saved in the memory of the mobile phone, they must be copied to the SIM card when changing the mobile phone. If the SIM card is inserted in the new mobile phone, the contacts may be transferred to its address book. If you are changing the SIM card (tariff or service provider), all contacts must be transferred to the memory of the address book. We recommend that you keep all contacts handy external to the mobile phone (telephone list) so that you have the contacts even in the eventuality of losing all of them.

Q:What happens if I press the emergency key inadvertently?

The emergency call key serves to provide safety in the event of an emergency. By simply pressing a key, relatives or emergency service organisations may be contacted. The key is located on the rear side of the telephone. If it is pressed inadvertently, you may end the emergency call within 5 seconds by pressing the red key. The cycle starts after the five seconds. To stop it then, you need to remove the rechargeable battery.

You may also switch off the emergency call key. In an emergency, you will then not receive any direct connection by pressing the key.

Q:Where can I purchase accessories?

Accessories and spare parts such as rechargeable batteries are available with specialist retailers. If these products are not in stock, the sales staff may order these for you directly from emporia Telecom.

Q:Can I also make calls abroad with the mobile telephone?

Basically yes, but it depends on your service provider whether they are enabled automatically. Particularly for pre-paid cards, there are often special regulations applicable. Please also note the tariffs for calling abroad, since even these may vary. Current emporia mobile phones are compatible with the 2G network. European purchased emporia mobile phones will not operate in the USA. Please visit http://www.rtr.at/de/tk/Roaming_in_der_EU for more information on the subject of roaming.

Q:What does GPS positioning mean?

Telephones with GPS transmit a radio signal. This signal can be located with the help of satellites. As a result, your exact position can be determined. In the event of an emergency, you would be located faster.

Technical Questions

Q:What does it mean if the message “Limited service only” appears on my display?

This message appears if you don’t have any more credit on your phone. If this is not the case, your SIM card is either not working properly or has been blocked by your network provider.


Q:How do I enable the emergency button?

In the menu, go to “Settings” and then select “Emergency functions”.


Q:How do I delete the “112” default setting?

The 112 emergency number is set automatically and cannot be deleted. However, as soon as you set your own emergency numbers in the emporiaLIFEplus, 112 is not dialled automatically.


Q:How do I restore the default settings on my phone?

In the menu, go to “Settings”, then “Reset” and then “Reset All”. Select “Yes” to confirm.