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emporiaTALKcomfortPLUS ľ the easiest mobile with added security 

emporiaTALKcomfortPLUS: an easy to use, no frills mobile phone with the emporia emergency system. With the touch of one button the phone alerts five pre-installed emergency numbers in sequence. 


The Cambridge lab where they test how elderly people use technology 

BBC News visits Ian Hosking, at Cambridge University's Design Centre to reports on how must-have modern gadgets are designed by young people, with young people in mind, which can mean that elderly people, who have much to gain from modern technology, feel excluded.

Ian and the University's Design Centre work closely with emporia to ensure our handsets meet the needs of all and that our users never feel excluded by technology.  Click here to watch the fascinating video.

Where can I buy the emporia RL1? 


The emporia RL1 is available on the Vodafone UK network from the following. To choose just click on any of the store names below to be taken to the relevant shop:


Tesco stores and online




Argos stores



You may also call Matob Mobile now to buy RL1 on ‘pay as you go’ on:

01628 539 984

Lines are open 8.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. Monday to Friday

Vodafone stores and online

RL1 & Accessories

For enquiries regarding RL1 accessories please contact PLBlake, telephone +44 (0)1923 271017 or email




Closer to the customer 

What is a PIN-code? Why do I need a SIM-card? How do I write a text message? What should I do if I run out of credit? What happens if the battery runs out? Modern technology poses a lot of questions. Emporia offers practical advice to help you get the information you need about new technology.